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16 January 2019

Dear Member

We wrote to you last year suggesting that we were beginning to see the early signs of progress in respect of our various initiatives.

We targeted, especially, increased political pressure including the regulatory bodies, engaging with the press and associating our group with other like-minded organisations. These were our main objectives.

We now confirm that meaningful progress has resulted in all areas and we have many positive aspects to report to you

APPG for Fair Business Banking

We have benefitted considerably from aligning ourselves with the all-party group who have been instrumental in contributing to five banking debates within Parliament within the last year.

Clydesdale Bank has figured regularly within these debates on an increasingly negative basis, for them that is!

In late October 2018 Kevin Hollinrake MP the co chairman of the APPG wrote on our behalf to Andrew Bailey the CEO of the FCA a direct and meaningful letter a copy of which you can see in the letters section of the APPG website (

Following a particularly weak and insipid response in December the APPG has today written an absolutely clear and unambiguous reply asking many direct questions of the FCA and the FOS for whom they are responsible. This is the beginning hopefully of a concerted effort to bring this bank to account.

The APPG for Fair Business Banking also wrote to the FCA last week regarding the other two main banking offenders RBS and Lloyds HBOS.

This ties in perfectly with their letter this week regarding TBLs and the recent press coverage together with further press coverage that we expect to follow shortly means that these banks are completely in the spotlight at present.

We expect more effective press coverage soon.

One significant common aspect of all three banks behaviour towards SMEs is the failure to address legacy issues.

Whilst the Griggs Report is primarily related to the Lloyds HBOS cases it affects everyone and we should be mindful of what is happening both with the RBS and Lloyds HBOS victims.

Both letters from the APPG to the FCA take these issues forward on behalf of victims of all three banks.

Some progress has been made in this regard and you will see from the recent press coverage attached that UK Finance (Formerly the British Banking Association) has recently proposed a new dispute resolution service.

It is imperative that we work with others to ensure that this is not a bank lead entity and that when such a body is formed that it is independent.

The level of compensation to be paid is another aspect which the APPG are currently applying great pressure to get it increased.

SME Alliance

The SME Alliance ( held their AGM in September and we sent a delegation along.

The attached statement was read out and we also were afforded the opportunity, during the debate, to emphasise not only our support to them but also our need for greater support from them likewise.

We are now engaging closely with the SME Alliance and following the success of their original Lloyds HBOS report into the malfeasant actions, especially emanating from Reading, we have been asked to prepare a similar report into Clydesdale Bank’s despicable behaviour.

The RBS victims are simultaneously preparing a similarly structured report into their cases so very shortly we should have three reports issued via the SME Alliance, detailing exactly, for all to see, what these banks have been up to!

Treasury Select Committee

Our lasting objective is to get Clydesdale Bank’s directors back in front of the Treasury Select Committee to answer for their inaccurate, misleading and downright untruthful comments from June 2014.

Although this has not yet been achieved yet it is good that the TSC still has Clydesdale Bank on their agenda and we will keep the pressure on during the coming year.

They are especially strong at present on the failure of the Financial Ombudsman Service in its present form and they are particularly supportive of the APPG and SME Alliance in their campaign to get a Tribunal System in place.

If and when any future press releases are forthcoming from the Treasury Select Committee, we will issue them to you. John Glare does a great job in keeping us informed.

We should make special mention of our appreciation of one individual member of the TSC Stewart Hosie MP who has continued to be a great support not just to the group but also individual members in the fight against Clydesdale Bank.

Group Information

Group Meetings

We held group meetings in July and December 2018 both very productive.

We held ground breaking meetings in July, August and October with management of the FOS, all in London, and the pressure applied, and the information supplied, is now definitely paying dividends.

The article in today’s Herald newspaper highlights just what can be achieved when the correct information is taken directly to the decision makers within these organisations and we applaud Kevin Hollinrake and his APPG team for the success in this case and hopefully many more to come!

Membership Details Update

We are currently contacting all members in the group to update our records.

Some of you will have received a telephone call regarding this and a follow up e-mail with a sheet requesting that you check and update the information contained therein.

This is extremely important as we now have access to litigation funding and if small group cases can be identified as well as potentially strong individual cases, then we might be able to get these cases up and running quickly.

In future please try and respond to any messages requesting information as this is very important and information sharing is already paying dividends and will be instrumental in future successes against Clydesdale Bank.

One interesting aspect recently is the involvement and support of the DUP. They have constituents with similar banking issues in Northern Ireland and are particularly active in the fight against banking crime. They have taken an extremely pragmatic approach. We have formed a close relationship with them over a very short period of time and they have been most helpful and supportive.

Press Coverage

We now have the ear of and direct contact with The Times, The Herald, BBC Panorama, The Yorkshire Post amongst others within the press.

One thing that has become obvious is that they want new, fresh stories such as the one in today’s Herald.

We keep in touch with all the main “players” in these organisations regularly with the promise that when someone of importance breaks, we are assured that they will publish it.

The Fightback Has Well and Truly Started!

Regards The NABCSG Team


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