Press Release – Anne & Jim McGrory Settle with Clydesdale Bank (CYBG PLC)

Embargoed to 09.01 on Tuesday 12 March 2019


Spank the Banker” Premiere at Westminster

As this dispute had been affecting their finances and family, since January 2010, Mr Jim and Mrs Anne McGrory decided on 28 December 2018, facilitated by the NAB Customer Support Group (rebranded CYBGRemediationsupportgroup on 28 February 2019) and a DUP adviser, to proceed to see if they could make a full and final settlement with Clydesdale Bank / CYBGPLC in the period from 31 December 2018 to 14 January 2019. 

Clydesdale Bank / CYBGPLC and Jim McGrory have reached a settlement in respect of their long-running, and heavily publicised, dispute relating to the sale of a Tailored Business Loan to Mr McGrory’s company, Matchstart Limited.  The terms of the settlement reached between Clydesdale Bank and Mr McGrory are confidential between the parties and will not be made publicly available.

Both Clydesdale Bank / CYBGPLC and Mr McGrory are pleased to have brought the matter to an end and neither party will be making any comment or further statement in relation to anything relating to the dispute.

Jim and Anne McGrory fully recognise they need to move on however Jim still intends to help others towards a satisfactory resolution of their banking cases.

For further details contact

Mr Ian Lightbody – CYBGRemediationsupportgroup  – 07903 693735

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